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The alcohol industry wants you

While the alcohol industry happily rakes in billions of increased profits during the pandemic, many people do not realize how dangerous drinking daily can be to their physical, emotional and family health. Particularly, drinking to cope. While alcohol calms down an agitated amygdala while the drink is in hand, this emotional center in your brain becomes more upset between drinking sessions than it would have been without the alcohol. Drinking is exacerbating your anxiety, not curtailing it. If you wish to calmly face your problems, begin slowly cutting back now, so you don’t go into emotional withdrawal, and find a counselor to teach you how to cope in a healthy way. Besides, her office is a good place to leave your messy worries, not splattered all over the living room.—MR

April 21, 2021

The past year has changed alcohol use patterns, especially among women. The impacts probably won’t be fully known for years.

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