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“Lots of things that people don’t think about, like depression or anxiety, are very clearly modified by your gut microbes.” say Professor Tim Spector, an epidemiologist at King’s College London. I discovered this back in 2004 when I personally undertook a probiotic protocol to heal an unhealthy small intestine. The coincidental mental health improvement was so significant, I went back to school to become a counselor so I could share the news with others. It’s why I call my practice Bodymind Counseling. While a dysbiotic gut certainly is not the only reason people suffer from depression and anxiety, it can be a major influence. Once the gut is balanced, other treatments for all forms of relational disorders and mental illnesses become more effective. At the very least, an imbalanced gut can make a person cranky.—MR

Unlocking the gut microbiome and its massive significance to our health

By Rebecca Seal, The Guardian US, June 11, 2021

Scientists are only just discovering the enormous impact of our gut health – and how it could hold the key to everything from tackling obesity to overcoming anxiety and boosting immunity.

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