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A better way

Chronic pain is one of the primary reasons patients’ give for the addiction that has ruined their lives. In the moment, being hooked on pain relievers seems less of a problem than experiencing unremitting pain. People get hooked on the various oxys, alcohol or cannabis all in the name of chronic pain relief. The sad fact is while the pain may recede for a few hours, it comes back worse than it would have been if these addictive substances were not used at all. One way to reduce or eliminate pain is through dietary change, as the below article explains, without all the social, familial, financial and mental health problems addictive substances create.–MR

Solving chronic pain via the kitchen, not the medicine cabinet

When Peter arrived at our pain management clinic, he’d been suffering with low back and neck pain for years. He was on high doses of strong painkillers but, as with so many people with chronic pain, the pain was still intense and significantly interfered with his life, leaving him unable to work. He was also unwell in other respects: he was obese, and had high blood pressure and digestive problems. On top of that, he reported ‘brain fog’, which often appears alongside chronic pain – difficulties with memory and trouble staying focused on daily tasks. Unsurprisingly, considering his level of pain and other symptoms, he was also anxious, depressed and unable to sleep.

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