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A new world

One day in December 2019, we awoke in a world which had not previously existed—one with a rapidly-evolving virus set on reducing human populations. COVID19 does this in many ways and suicide is one way it succeeds in its dire purpose. From having lived through this disease, I know first hand the neurological and psycho-emotional harm it can wreak. If you or anyone you care for is having difficulty after “recovering,” get to a counselor to pinpoint the issue, expose the culprit and actually recover. Having mental health support while truly recovering over the long haul may be critical.–MR

My wife had long Covid and killed herself. We must help others who are suffering

by Nick Güthe, The Guardian US, January 12, 2022

My wife, Heidi, took her own life after a 13-month battle with long Covid that started as a mostly asymptomatic coronavirus infection. Long Covid took her from one of the healthiest, most vibrant people I’ve ever known to a person so debilitated that she could not bear another day on this planet.

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