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Does someone think you’re angry?

Are you?

Successful “anger management” is uncovering those things that push your unique set of psychological buttons and learning to regulate your anxiety, so that those buttons aren’t pushed so quickly or easily. It is about learning to choose a different set of responses to everyday relational triggers instead of going off like a shaken-up can of Coke in reactivity. It’s about having the courage to face yourself and a desire to change.

One size does not fit all. Each person has different triggers and a different solution to regulating his or her emotions. When you are ready to be more cool and in control, just give me a call at 360.202.2722.

Note: A court-ordered Anger Management Assessment, also called an Anger Management Evaluation, is $225 (cash only) for an one-hour evaluation that includes a written assessment letter for you to hand deliver to the court.

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