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Bodymind basics

Bodymind Counseling is results oriented. I want you to feel better fast. So to not waste your time and money, before we uncover important psychological, emotional, mental or relational issues that may be negatively affecting your mental and emotional health, we start at ground zero. We ask if there are physical things bothering your brain? Getting at least seven hours of restful sleep most nights—preferably between sundown and sunrise—in which you resolve emotional issues in your dreams is crucial to a sense of well being.–MR

It’s killing us all slowly: how the night shift is taking a toll on US workers

by Michael Sainato, The Guardian US, November 18, 2022

Roger Reinhardt works the third shift at a beer production facility in Michigan from 10pm-8am, four days a week. He started working nights because it was the only shift available when he was hired, but he has continued doing it for the extra pay.

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