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Born to run

All patients who walk through my mental health counseling office door want to feel better. They ask, “where do I start?” My answer is invariably the same for all. “Start by exercising.” Even if you are in a hospital bed or a wheel chair, waving your arms around, twirling your hands, looking up and looking down, pointing your toes and then your heel are way better activities than doing nothing physical. For those of us who are able, walking 20 minutes a day as briskly as possible, will do more for our state of mind than sitting in a counseling office an hour a week, but not exercising.—MR

This Is How To Have A Long Awesome Life: 5 Secrets From Research

By Eric Barker PhD,, April 15, 2021

Daniel Lieberman decided to do an informal — and very sneaky — study. While at an academic conference, he counted how many people took the escalator vs the stairs. In ten minutes, 151 people walked past him and only 11 used the stairs. That’s just 7 percent.

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