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You can no more be healed by a computer or a face on a computer than you can marry a computer. It’s been well proven that it’s the “therapeutic relationship,” a complex system of unconscious energetic connections between two human beings that induces the healing of your psyche. The simplest way to put it is your mind was injured in an intimate relationship of holding, so it takes one to set it right. It’s been repeatedly demonstrated by research that it doesn’t matter what diagnosis you have, what drugs are prescribed or what theories and treatments are used, it’s the living breathing face-to-face presence of someone who cares that actually matters.-–MR

The computer will see you now: is your therapy session about to be automated?

By Ramin Skibba, The Guardian US, June 4, 2021

Experts say AI is set to grow rapidly in psychiatry and therapy, allowing doctors to spot mental illness earlier and improve care. But are the technologies effective – and ethical?

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