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Drugs is drugs

People who do not wish to take responsibility for their own thoughts are attracted to ketamine and other drug therapies. Not saying taking personal responsibility is the fun or easy way out, but that doing the work will work better for you and your family in the long run. Think “no side effects” and “permanent results.” Time to step up to the plate, stop blaming others and do some lifelong by learning to self regulate? Call a counselor today and you’ll be on your way.—MR

Ketamine Clinics Are Jumping Ahead of the Evidence — new mental health treatments must be approached with caution

Almost a quarter of US adults suffered from a mental illness in 2021, yet less than half of them received treatment. This has incredible impacts on individuals, families, the economy, and public health, and it is of utmost importance to address these untreated mental health needs. Understandably, innovation is important as people are often looking for creative solutions to treat their mental health concerns. Partially as a result, there has been a proliferation of “edgier” approaches, such as boutique ketamine infusion clinics and at-home psilocybin therapies, which are not yet FDA approved for psychiatric indications or may not be supported by rigorous research.

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