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This study of studies shows why Americans used to call cannabis “dope.” Besides lowering IQ, cannabis is also being proven to cause anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, eating disorders and psychosis in users. Thank goodness, it’s becoming legal so science can do research. Now we can have a real conversation about this misery-making drug.—MR

Evidence on the acute and residual neurocognitive effects of cannabis use in adolescents and adults

By Laura Dellazizzo, Stephane Potvin, et al, Online Library, January 19, 2022

Cannabis is among the most consumed psychoactive substances world-wide. Considering changing policy trends regarding the substance, it is crucial to understand more clearly its potential acute and residual adverse effects from a public health viewpoint. Cognitive function is one of the targeted areas with conflicting findings. This meta-review measured the magnitude of acute and residual effects of cannabis on cognition in adolescents and adults provided by meta-analyses and evaluated quality of evidence.

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