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Food comes first

We’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” but what does that mean to one’s mental health? It means that your body, of which your brain is a part, is constantly rebuilding itself with the what goes in your mouth. Whole or low processed foods create a healthy brain which is the first thing needed to be able to have healthy mind. So if you want good mental health, start with what you eat or drink. Replacing just ten percent of ultra-processed food weight with an equivalent proportion of unprocessed or minimally processed foods led to 19 percent less dementia in the below study!—MR

Dementia Risk Climbs With Intake of Ultra-Processed Foods

A diet higher in ultra-processed foods was linked with a higher risk of dementia, but substituting unprocessed or minimally processed foods for ultra-processed ones dropped dementia risk, a longitudinal study showed.

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