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Food is life

Notoriously difficult to spot, an eating disorder is a self-destructive mental health issue that is created in childhood, but may appear at any point in the life cycle. Gently but consistently teaching children to eat well and nutritiously is one of the most important things a parent can do for them. Many kids attempt to passive aggressively control parents and manage their emotional reactions to family anxiety with what does or doesn’t go in their mouths developing lifelong dysfunctional eating behaviors that can wreck their health sooner or later. For example, it takes an average of 17 loving tries by a parent for a child to finally eat broccoli! Hint: Reward, not punishment, is key. Please get assistance if your child or yourself are not eating appropriate amounts of primarily nutritious foods.—M

Eating Disorders Are More Common Than You Think

… Many Americans, including health professionals, picture someone who suffers from an eating disorder as a thin, young, white woman who struggles with self-image. This stereotype has been hammered home in movies, television shows, and the media for decades.

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