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Give it a rest

Naps are short periods of sleep outside of a main nightime period. It is important to distinguish planned periods of daytime sleep from an irresistible need to sleep that is not intended. The latter could indicate significantly inadequate nighttime sleep, jetlag, a sleep disorder, or a neurological condition that requires medical attention. That warning given, you’re not being lazy to want to give your bodymind a short rest in the afternoon. It’s a good thing particularly for memory retention!–MR

How to nap

by Ruth Leong & Michael Chee, Psyche newsletter, February 22, 2023

You’re back from lunch and ready to get back to work except… you feel sleepy. Should you force yourself to stay awake, or should you let yourself doze off? Would it help, or would it ruin your night’s sleep? We are sleep scientists and we’re going to walk you through the science of napping and how to nap in a way that is of maximal benefit.

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