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Good morning, Sunshine!

I love Daylight Savings Time with its sunlit evenings. Sadly, switching permanently to it will not be good for the mental and physical health of humans who live in the Pacific Northwest. I’m glad our bipolar nation was able to agree about something, but the bodymind feels best when it goes to sleep after dark and wakes up as the sun rises. With mechanical clocks set to DST in the winter, the sun will not rise in the Seattle area until 9AM. For the reasons documented below, Standard Time is healthier. If possible, you may wish to consider switching your work schedule to one hour later. For those of you who work swing or night shifts, please realize these abnormal schedules are challenging the health of your mind and body.—MR

America is finally united on what to do about daylight saving time — except me

The other day, a University of Washington professor said that being on daylight saving time in the middle of winter “would be like Monday morning every day for the rest of your life.”

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