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Thou shalt not enable

The below article talks about victims standing in the way of cases moving forward. Please realize you are hurting, not helping, your partner, your family or yourself if you do not report domestic abuse to the police or stand in the way of allowing your abuser to go to jail for physically assaulting you. You are enabling their behavior, helping to create it, and teaching your children physical abuse is a legitimate tactic for resolving disputes. No matter what you did to erroneously make your think you deserved it, no one ever deserves to be punched, slapped, pushed or beaten.—MR

Three in four domestic abuse cases end without charge in England and Wales

By Jamie Grierson, The Guardian US, June 23, 2021

Data comes to light as part of review into police response to abuse during coronavirus pandemic though police forces were largely praised for their proactive approach towards domestic abuse cases.

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