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Heart of the matter

Most docs, psychiatrists, PAs, nurse practitioners and even psychologists who practice under the umbrella of allopathic medicine are focused on alleviating the symptoms of mental illness as quickly as possible and getting to the next patient in their busy day. Finding out what is causing those symptoms and helping tweak the causal structure is simply not their job, hence their reliance on prescribing psycho-pharmaceuticals. Mental health counselors, who do not prescribe, seek the reasons for mental health disorders and help the patient alleviate those causes to achieve a lasting cure thereby mitigating the need for drugs. They are like the Native elders below who get to the heart of the matter and come up with a plan to address the real issue.—MR

‘We look deeper’: the Native court settling cases outside the justice system

by Stewart Huntington, The Guardian US, August 6, 2022

In South Dakota, the Oyate Court – made up of Lakota elders – uses traditional peacemaking principles to stress healing over punishment.

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