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The heartbreak of eating disorders

Over decades, having watched members of my husband’s extended family, i.e. himself, his niece, his grandchildren, stubbornly refuse to eat enough nutritious food to thrive or, in my husband’s case, even survive, I agree with recent researchers who are asking “is modern medicine asking the wrong questions?” We wonder is anorexia genetic not behavioral? Is it indicative of being a super taster, i.e. someone who can only eat bland foods? Is it a symptom of epigenetic PTSD, i.e. ADHD? While it’s clear the disorder is influenced by parental feeding strategies in early childhood and reparenting in this area is required, this disorder is the only disorder I cannot agree to treat. For too many patients, it is simply too intractable and the state of the science surrounding its treatment is in its infancy and going in the wrong direction.—MR

Some anorexia patients want the right to die. A few doctors are willing to listen

by Carrie Arnold, The Guardian US, July 13, 2023

“Mom, I want to go to Oregon.” Jennifer Hesketh Aviles knew her daughter, Heather Thompson, wasn’t asking to finally visit Portland, or hike along the azure depths of Crater Lake. Heather wanted to go to Oregon for one reason: she wanted to die.

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