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A state of confusion is part of a good counseling session. It can be scary when you ask, “What should I do? Where should I go? How do I handle this?” But if you realize confusion is an important part of learning to live in a happier, healthier way, you can learn to tolerate the feeling and, with a little help, work through it to answer the question yourself. The reward is the sense of confidence you feel when you realize you overcame confusion and grew.—MR

Perplexed? Embrace it! Confusion is a symptom of learning

By Juliette Vazard, Psyche newsletter, April 12, 2023

Confusion is experienced by most of us as a disagreeable feeling and a waste of precious time. But experiencing confusion when encountering a new problem, or a surprising statement, can actually be deeply productive in the context of learning and enhancing brain plasticity. Over the past few years, scientists in educational psychology and neuroscience have started to uncover what Socrates knew all along: that experiencing confusion is often the first step to overcoming our misconceptions and biases, and that it can lead to something more valuable than simply an answer.

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