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Identity crisis or beautiful flow?

Below, a man reports he felt the ground shake because his hairline was receding. While this sounds pretty crazy, it’s is a common phenomena. Not due to balding, but due to a psychological threat to ones identity, i.e. who you think you are. Everyone has a self image, some are more rigid than others. But it’s not who you are, it’s just in your imagination. In physical reality, a person is a complicated process, a biological system of human cells and microbiota, a electro chemical process changing daily. In psycho-emotional reality, you’re an ego structure—a psychological construct like a hologram that can get stuck in a moment of time. When this structure is forced to change, walls can literally seem to turn to jello, furniture may wiggle or the ground shake. When letting go of being a twenty-something or a mom, an event like a wedding, going away to college or a divorce, some folks can become REALLY miserable resorting to all sorts of dysfunctional behaviors. This is a good time to visit a counselor who can help you move with strength, comfort and grace into the next stage of life—a natural and beautiful process of exploration and becoming who you truly are today!—MR

“My hairline threatened my identity so much the ground felt shaky:” why hair transplants are booming

By Simon Usborne, The US Guardian, June 1, 2021

Celebrity endorsements, new techniques and lockdown have led to rising demand for follicular transplants. But with patchy regulation, are men being exploited when they are vulnerable?

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