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Incapacitated to care

It’s not just heroin, opium, Methodone or Oxycodone that blunt parenting instincts, it’s also cannabis. The reason cannabis is addictive is not that cannabis replaces a chemical in the brain making it “primarily addictive” like the above drugs, but because it triggers an inner (endogenous) opioid at levels that are not normal. It’s “secondarily” addictive. We get addicted to these higher levels of our own “reward chemical” and end up craving this inner opioid. An inner opioid has the same effects as an outer one, one of which is blunting feelings of care and connection. The next time you get high on cannabis, watch as the faces of your world recede in importance. I call it “narcissistic personality disorder” in a bong.—MR

Opioids May Interfere With Parenting Instincts, Study Finds

By DONNA DE LA CRUZ. New York Times, 

Some of the most troubling images of the opioid crisis involve parents buying or using drugs with the children in two. Now, new research offers a glimpse into the addicted brain, finding that the drugs appear to blunt a person’s natural parenting instincts.

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