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It’s just sex

Below is a link to an advice column. An odd thing for a counselor to link to, I grant, but the succinct way in which the columnist counsels the adulterous letter writer and the wisdom contained herein inspired me to share. While, at a certain level, sex is “just sex.” It’s also a powerful, even addictive, trigger to the deep emotional unconscious. Along with the potential for contracting an STD from a stranger, it triggers brain chemicals to ensure bonding particularly in women. Sure, have all the fun and games you desire, but even in an open marriage, drive with your headlights on and realize you are playing with fire. Accept the fact that someone, yourself included, may be seriously emotionally, psychologically or physically injured, perhaps for a very long time.—MR

My wife will have me home after an affair, but I long for more

By Philippa Perry, The US Guardian, January 23, 2022

Question: I had a very intense two-year affair with someone who, like me, had long been married. Eighteen months in, I left my wife, feeling sure my affair partner was the love of my life, and in the hope it might lead to us being together…

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