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Make a joyful noise!

Your brain is neuroplastic. That means when you do something, information travels down tiny neurons that electrically fire off at their tips. What fires together, wires together making new neural pathways. It’s how we learn. If you want your brain to learn to become happier and more content, get on the music train. Listen to beautiful, soothing or happy music at home, in your car or go to concerts. If you really want to garner music’s benefits, sing along or dance to it. Learn to play an instrument or how to sing. Singing in the shower even helps brains change into happier ones by metabolizing negative emotion, but that’s a topic for another day…—MR

How to start making music

by Gayla M Mills, Psyche newsletter, March 23, 2022

If you’ve ever moved to a beat, joined in a chorus or felt your heart quicken to the lyrics of a song, you’ve felt the power of music. That power runs deep in the human experience, and the urge to dive fully into the sounds, to make those sounds and share them, is strong.

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