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Meds that hurt

There’s been a lot of discussion in the media over the last five years about opioid pain killers. Their prescription comes with the very real threat of mind-numbing addiction, graduation to illegal drugs when they run out and overdose death. If your doc hasn’t shared about diet and chronic pain, here’s an excellent article that points the way. Arthritis in my hands and wrists vanished when I avoided eating wheat products such as bread and pasta. I still share an occasional slice of pizza, but know my knuckles are going to ache the next day unless it’s gluten free.—MR

Solving chronic pain via the kitchen, not the medicine cabinet

by Rowena Fields, PhD, Psyche newsletter, February 23, 2022

When Peter arrived at our pain management clinic, he’d been suffering with low back and neck pain for years. He was on high doses of strong painkillers but, as with so many people with chronic pain, the pain was still intense and significantly interfered with his life, leaving him unable to work…

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