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Stuff happens!

Things outside our control happen everyday. How we respond to difficulty determines how happy and successful our lives will be.

Stress causes anxiety. It’s experienced as physical and mental discomfort within your unique bodymind. Using tools from cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal neurobiology, nutritional science, somatic and object-relations psychology, you will be able to rebalance and reintegrate your unique system of body, mind and psyche. Methods are relational and focus on non-pharmaceutical interventions, because while drugs may mitigate symptoms for awhile, they rarely cure and too often make things worse.

Bodymind Counseling is about looking at life a new way. About learning to care for yourself. About clearing your mind of misconceptions and knee-jerk reactivity. You’ll uncover out-dated dysfunctional patterns your subconscious takes as it manifests your personality and behaviors. At your own pace, you rewire these patterns to live with greater contentment and success. But most important, you learn better ways to handle everyday anxiety, so you may self regulate to be more present and caring in relationship to yourself and others.

Ready to learn, grow and change into a happier, healthier you?

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Non-pharmaceutical therapies 

There are hundreds of schools of psychology in which psychotherapists train. Each one uses a different basket of theoretical tools, so you rarely find two psychotherapists who offer the same methods. Here’s a list of the primary modalities that inform my integrated practice.

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