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Mental discomfort arises from a well of anxiety within. Using the latest neuro-counseling and somatic psychology techniques, we identify past and present stressors so you may metabolize unbalanced emotions. Through cognitive and behavioral modification, you gain inner composure with the ability to relate more successfully. An improvement in physical health often results! My methods are relational and focus on non-pharmaceutical interventions, because while drugs may mitigate symptoms, they rarely cure. It’s about learning to look at things a new way, about integrating a new way of being in the world. Are you ready to grow into a new you?

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Non-pharmaceutical therapies 

There are hundreds of schools of psychology in which psychotherapists train. Each one uses a different basket of theoretical tools, so you will rarely find two who offer the same methods. Here’s a list of modalities that inform my integrated practice.

morgan randall morgan randall
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