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No easy way out

ADHD is difficult to deal with in a loved one or oneself to say the least. I know, my late husband suffered from its effects and his Adderall prescription helped manage his symptoms simply and effectively. He was a happier person under it effects. However, when he had his first heart attack, it was the first thing the doc said NOT to do because of its deleterious effects on his electrical system. He needed an emergency PaceMaker because of its dysregulated functioning. There are healthier ways to manage ADHD, but they require a lot more work. A strict diet and sleep schedule, biofeedback, exercise and meditation can work wonders by actually changing the brain due to its neuroplastic properties, but they take time, effort and willpower daily. Parents and patients have to ask the critical question about which treatment they will choose. My husband and I will never know how much an ADHD med contributed to his death, but it is a no-brainer that it did.—MR

FDA Updates Warnings on All Stimulants for ADHD…

…In a drug safety communication on Thursday, the agency [FDA] said the boxed warning for the entire class of central nervous system stimulants would get standardized language to more clearly state the dangers — including the risk for misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose, and death — given that most of the current warnings are out of date. This class of drugs includes amphetamines such as Adderall and methylphenidate such as Ritalin and Concerta.

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