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No good can come of it

When a patient begins counseling with me, one of the first questions I ask is “how much alcohol do you drink a week?” Even at a few drinks per week, it affects mental health negatively in so many ways, it simply can’t be sidestepped. As a clinician, I am thrilled by the fact that the medical industry is waking up to the fact that alcohol use is antithetical to the goal of having a happy healthy life. —MR

Tough to Swallow: Clinicians Are Neglecting Alcohol Use

by Katie Witkiewitz, PhD, and Hannah Carlon, MS, MedPage Today, 

Most American adults drink alcohol, and 45% binge drink– five or more drinks per occasion for men, 4 or more drinks per occasion for women — at least monthly. There is evidence that any level of alcohol use is associated with an increased relative risk of morbidity and mortality, and the latest estimates indicate one in eight American adult deaths (ages 20 to 64) are attributed to alcohol… Importantly, reductions in alcohol consumption — even without abstaining completely — are associated with clinically meaningful improvements in health and functioning.

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