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One of the several reasons I don’t “take” insurance is discussed in the below article. While I do provide a statement of paid sessions as an “out-of-network” provider, so patients will get reimbursed by their private insurance provider, I will not be on the list of “preferred” providers on someone’s insurance carrier’s website. Most insurance companies reserve the right to dictate treatment in favor of  their “best practices,” i.e. prescribing pharmaceuticals. They can do this by choosing to not pay a mental health counselor if she does not refer a patient to a doc for prescription. Personally, I feel that is unethical arm twisting. I work for you. Not Big Pharma.—MR

A Third of Docs Blame Prior Authorizations for Serious Harm to Patients

One in three physicians blamed prior authorization for a patient’s serious adverse event, including hospitalization, permanent impairment or death, according to a survey published by the American Medical Association (AMA) on Monday.

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