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Pipe dream

Cannabis triggers an excess of the reward chemical in the brain, an endogenous opioid. So a heroin addict wanting to withdraw is substituting one opioid for another. Instead of withdrawing, they won’t. Plus, since pot triggers the reward chemical for doing a drug, there is no behavioral reward for NOT doing heroin or anything else productive for that matter. I’ve heard some really ignorant ideas in my lifetime, but this takes the cake.—MR

Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot

By MATT RICHTEL, New York Times, 

LOS ANGELES — Nine days after Nikolas Michaud’s latest heroin relapse, the skinny 27-year-old sat on a roof deck at a new drug rehabilitation clinic here. He picked up a bong, filled it with a pinch of marijuana, lit the leaves and inhaled. All this took place in plain view of the clinic’s director.

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