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Practice information

Scope of service

Bodymind Counseling provides psychotherapy, mental health counseling, therapeutic consultation and diagnostic assessment for legal proceedings. Successful healing requires the physical presence of a caring human, so you and I sit over six feet apart in an airy room for safety’s sake. No online counseling.

Health policy

Please take your temperature before you come to session and cancel your appointment if you have a temperature over 100 or have been exposed to a flu or corona virus such as the common cold. Any virus can possibly kill persons with certain underlying conditions, either directly or by triggering pneumonia. Half of the adults in America have one of these at-risk conditions—high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, lung disease or heart disease. Please be kind to yourself and others.


Bodymind Counseling is located in old town Mount Vernon WA in the Matheson Building at 314 Pine Street on Pine Square northeast of the Lincoln Theater. My office is Suite 207 directly at the top of the 24-step staircase through the swinging glass doors. Please accept my apology for the climb.


• $130 per hour for mental health counseling and psychotherapy. Payment due at each session. Cash or check only, no plastic. Note: I do not carry change.

• $500 for a 2.25 to 2.5-hour mental health assessment. A typed bio-psycho-social statement, diagnosis summary and advisement letter with a 12-page assessment questionnaire filled in by hand is produced by end of session for you to hand deliver to your lawyer for use in legal situations such as custody battles and immigration waiver proceedings. Please note: I do not testify in court nor do I do assessments for DSHS or other government aid agencies. Payment due at beginning of session. Exact cash only, no checks or plastic.

• Except in emergency, 24-hour cancellation notice required or full payment is due. If ill or exposed to viral infections, please call at any time in advance to cancel. “No shows” will be billed.

• For patients who wish to use private insurance, I provide a monthly statement of paid sessions to submit to their companies for reimbursement. Sorry, no employee assistance programs (EAPs) accepted.

Private insurance companies such as Premera or Blue Cross/Blue Shield reimburse a member for payment to an “out-of-network (OON)” provider such as myself.

The amount of reimbursement is a certain percentage of the fee after a particular plan’s usual deductible and copay are met. Each company and its various plans have completely different deductibles and copay amounts which you must first pay whether a counselor is a “preferred provider” or an OON. Please check your company’s website to find your plan’s particular OON reimbursement percentage.

To receive reimbursement, simply print out the OON provider form you’ll find on your company’s website. Send it in to your company along with the statement of paid sessions I provide the first week of the month following the month in which you attended sessions. All statements are delivered by the USPO for privacy. No email.

• For patients with no insurance, there is a discount of $50 for individuals from families earning less than $60K annually per your verbal statement of compliance. The same discount applies for those with Applecare, Molina, Medicare, TriCare, TriWest or an HMO as these insurance providers do not reimburse.

Your Informed Consent and Request for Counseling

When I become a patient, I understand I am requesting counseling from Morgan, i.e. request she make recommendations she believes may be helpful to my wellbeing.

I recognize that during the course of psychotherapy, I may experience ideas, thoughts, feelings, or memories which are uncomfortable, painful or otherwise emotionally threatening which are a part of the healing process and understand Morgan is making observations about my behavior and providing advice she deems in my best interest. I understand she always maintains unconditional positive regard for me.

I understand that due to the emotionally-unpredictable nature of psychotherapy, carrying a concealed weapon into a session, even if I have a permit, is prohibited. The WA State code of law governing firearms does not permit weapons to be carried into “limited access areas of public mental health facilities.”

I understand that every individual is totally unique, so that Morgan can make no guarantee regarding the number of sessions required to ensure the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment. I am encouraged to discuss my psychotherapeutic goals and options with her and/or other health practitioners.

I understand that during the course of receiving counseling services if I feel self-destructive, suicidal, or homicidal, I will take immediate action, such as calling 911, to protect my health and safety and/or the health and safety of others.

I understand that Morgan respects my privacy and legally cannot address me or indicate recognition of me in a public place, unless I choose to address her first.

I understand that Morgan will take hand-written notes during sessions and keep these as records about my counseling. If requested for legal proceedings, a fee of $125 per hour will be charged for typing up and clarifying these records. I understand these will not be released without my written consent or unless there is a court order demanding release.

I understand that my records will be shredded five years after my final session.

I understand that if I make a disclosure to Morgan regarding the abuse of a child, elder or disabled person, she has a legal responsibility to inform child or adult protective services. Therefore, if she believes that my disclosure represents an imminent threat to myself, herself or others, her “duty to warn” may take precedence over strict confidentiality.

I understand I am responsible for all charges for services delivered through Bodymind Counseling and that full payment is due at each session or a $20 late fee will be charged unless waived for extenuating circumstances.

I understand that I am responsible to attend appointments I’ve scheduled on time and if I miss an appointment without 24-hour-advance notice of cancellation I will pay the fee unless excused for extenuating circumstances. If I arrive late, the session still ends at the original agreed upon time.

Please print out this page and keep it with your medical records!

Clinician’s Disclosure Statement

Morgan Randall MA LMHC #LH60131122

Experience and education related to counseling:

  Independent practice in mental health counseling and assessment, Mount Vernon WA, June 2005 to present

  Master’s level therapist (contractor), Shifa Health Clinic, Mount Vernon WA, June 2013 to June 2018

  Externship, Clinician II, Compass Health Clinic, Friday Harbor and Eastsound, April 2007 to May 2010

  Masters in Applied Behavioral Science (MA ABS), Bastyr University, LIOS Program, Kenmore WA, June 2006

  Internship, Clinician I, Whatcom Counseling & Psychiatric Clinic Bellingham WA, September 2005 to June 2006

  Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), 1976

See How I Work for specialties and methods.

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