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Put on a happy face

This is real tricky stuff. If you have a friend, coworker or relative who is chronically unhappy it can really bring you down. True, this helps the down person feel better as she spreads around the weight in her bad-feelings backpack, but what about you? It can bum you out and ultimately ruin your mental and physical health. One way to handle this situation is to let your friend know you think a counselor may help, because counselors know how to deal with sad vibes and you don’t. Inviting the person for a walk in fresh air is another angle. If she won’t go, go yourself. Maybe next time she will and if she does, she WILL feel better from the uptake of endorphins. At least you’ll feel better and that may rub off on her.—MR

The five: emotional contagion

by Ian Tucker, The Guardian US, January 24, 2021

The idea that emotions can spread from one person to another seems to be taking hold in the psychological world. Studies have apparently found that women are more vulnerable to emotional contagion than men.

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