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Stick it!

Get a sturdy walking stick and stick that step counter in a drawer. It doesn’t measure how long your heart rate is up or the benefit of being outside breathing fresh air. There is NOTHING you can do, no medicine better for your mental health than taking a walk for at least 20 minutes at least three times a week. Think bodymind. If your body feels better, your mind feels better and vice versa. The longer the walk and the more times per week, the better you will feel! A counselor cannot do this for you. You are the one who will decide to take the first step toward good health and inner peace. Step counters are a gadget someone sold to make money. Walking is nature’s free remedy. You can begin to walk toward good mental and physical health today!—MR

How 2020 became the year of the walker

by Alan Franks, The Guardian US, December 18, 2020

First we could only go out for an hour a day, so relished that escape. As the year wore on, walking came to represent life, liberty and health, both physical and mental.

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