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Sharing is caring for yourself

Stress is an event or object outside of ourselves that causes anxiety within. Anxiety is a normal response that helps us get away from the stressor to protect ourselves. It has to come with a host of negative feelings and bodily responses or it wouldn’t motivate us to escape the threat. Our hormones go haywire trying to tell us to escape. The problem in modern times, and right now in particular, is we can’t get away from the stressors, so the anxiety builds up to physically and mentally dangerous levels. Visiting a mental health counselor is one way to escape the stress for an hour to release anxiety by sharing your story with her. A caring physical presence is calming and she can teach you how to relax and even enjoy your daily stress-filled life. You might wish to do ths before you find yourself doing something unhealthy to cope.—MR

Pandemic periods: why women’s menstrual cycles have gone haywire

By Eleanor Morgan, The Guardian US, March 25, 2021

A majority of menstruating women have experienced changes to their cycle over the last year, surveys suggest. One of the main culprits? Persistent stress.

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