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She’s fooling you

Bud, dab, oil, flower, the mean green witch, whatever you want to call this drug, cannabis is proving to have more bad effects for most people than good ones for a very few. Yes, it can help in falling asleep, but only folks addicted to the abnormally high endorphin levels it induces. When in cannabis withdrawal, a person can’t sleep, so of course, the addictive agent helps. Yes, it decreases pain, particularly the part of pain it enhances. Potheads are addicted to the abnormally high endogenous opioid levels in their brains, so normal endorphin levels no longer work. Yes, someone may feel less anxious, but only because it wrapped them in mummy cloth inhibiting connection with others and soothed the agitation of withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis psychosis is the fastest growing mental health disorder in America. Thank goodness, it’s becoming legal, so we can study its various ill effects instead of blindly accepting hippy folk mythology perpetuated by business interests.—MR

Michigan EDs See Jump in Cannabis-Related Neuropsychiatric Toxicity

by Ryan Basen, MedPage Today

Neuropsychiatric toxicity (NPS) was common among patients presenting with cannabis toxicity to Michigan emergency departments (EDs), and they were more likely to also have used other substances, a researcher reported.

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