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Start with the body to heal the mind

The article below points to the reason at Bodymind Counseling patients and I talk about physical reasons they may be having psycho-emotional problems. Your emotional issues are not just in your mind, they’re in your “bodymind.” What you eat, what substances you may use, your hormonal cycles, what diseases and medications you may have, how much water you drink, how much exercise you get, the quality of your breathing and your sleep, your stress levels, what media you use, all these things and more effect how well you are able to emotionally regulate reactions to past events, everyday insults and relationships at home and at work. People who drink a glass or two of alcohol or an energy drink daily are simply going to have more difficult times managing their internal life. As a patient progresses to a healthier, more stable, physical system, we are able work with those pesky mental issues much more effectively.—MR

Could Menstrual Cycle Be Used to Tailor PTSD Treatments?

by Kara Grant, MedPage Today,

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