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Hallelujah! It’s about time! Twenty-five years ago I realized that for many folks, myself included, the moralistic AA-style of recovery that is employed in most treatment centers and taught by substance abuse certificate programs doesn’t obtain lasting recovery. When I became a mental health counselor in 2005, I offered an alternative to its suddenly “just say no” model that medical providers call “titration.” It allows my patients to naturally quit a little bit at a time while learning healthier ways to regulate their emotions and take better care of their bodymind. If you are weary of dancing to the rhythm of your addiction and are seeking lasting change, give me a call. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.–MR

Recognizing the rhythm in addiction offers new ways to escape it

By Eana Meng and Johannes Lenhardis, Psyche, July 2019.

…‘Treatment’ and ‘recovery’ are often understood in numerical terms – through the decreasing “titration” of methadone doses over time, the number of times a person shows up to medical appointments, the number of days since they last used. This standardized calculation of recovery is a direct successor to forms of regulation, surveillance and racism that forms part of the so-called “war on drugs”.

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