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One of my specialties is supporting clients who have a chronic or terminal medical diagnosis.

It is important to get emotional support early on in the disease process. Not only is it traumatic to hear that you have a terminal or chronic disease, but you need support so you can answer key questions:  how do I transition my life to one that follows a different course than what I and my family expected it to follow? Who can I talk with about the changes going on in my bodymind who I will not burden or upset? Who can support me while I make decisions about my treatment that are the best for me and my family? How can I help my family accept and deal with this sad news and the unhappy events that may come in the future? How can I deal with my sense of failure? Who can help me be as mentally and physically healthy as possible while I am going through treatment and the disease process?

As these and other questions, doubts and fear arise, would it not be helpful to have a professional counselor there to support you in your decision-making and emotional process? You have the right to remain in control of your bodymind and your life even in the most confusing moments. You have the right to express and feel the most frightening or dismal thoughts which you may be hiding from your loved ones. Repressing your emotions will only make you feel sicker and more depressed than is necessary! Please call today and receive the support you deserve.


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