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Systems thinking

The below article illustrates a fact of biological life that many practitioners and patients overlook. A human bodymind is a complex system. To discover why a patient is depressed, for example, exploring various triggers in the body, brain and psyche may reveal a single source or find multiple inputs resulting in disorder that can be reversed through changes in lifestyle, behavior or beliefs. Be Hansel and Gretl and follow the crumbs of observation to self knowledge resulting in a happier life. Finding a practitioner who can guide you on your path, one who doesn’t shut you into believing there only one wicked witch causing your ill health, is key to getting out of the dark forest of your predicament.—MR

Some Good News for Curious Afib Patients Looking to Find Their Own Triggers

Atrial fibrillation (Afib) patients testing their perceived triggers in n-of-1 experiments were unable to improve their quality of life, but did have fewer episodes in the I-STOP-AFib trial.

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