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Say what?!?

I remember my dad shaking his head in disbelief saying, “You’d think all my siblings grew up in different families!” He was referring to the fact that each of my aunts and uncles told a wildly different story of growing up on the western edge of Nebraska in a family of seven now a hundred years ago. Indeed, it boggled my mind to hear my aunt tell tales of her kind and loving father and my father ones of horrible abuse at the hands of the same man, er, monster. Obviously, neither were lying and both were relaying what they experienced, though unconsciously being selective. Accepting the fact that others see many things in this world differently than ourselves is one of the greatest lessons of life. I remember learning “the dress” was black and blue as it became obvious in other photos. However, in the first photo posted, the dress was clearly white and gold. There was simply no denying what my eyes could clearly see…—MR

Why color is in the eye of the beholder

by James Fox, The Guardian US, May 8, 2023

In February 2015, a Scottish woman uploaded a photograph of a dress to the internet. Within 48 hours the blurry snapshot had gone viral, provoking spirited debate around the world. The disagreement centered on the dress’s color: some people were convinced it was blue and black while others were adamant it was white and gold.

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