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The monetization of joy

Porn isn’t real. Most of the elements of embodied sex are missing: the taste, the smell, the sound, the tactile sensations, the psychological and emotional intimacy and the joy. Even the visual is screwed due to video viewpoints one would not normally see, particularly if you like sex with your eyes closed. It does trigger the same reward chemicals in your brain—your species rewards you with an opioid for making babies—but at much higher levels than the real thing, so you’re disappointed when you don’t get as high. This causes a lack of excitement, motivation and even erectile dysfunction over time. Worse, you may get addicted to this wash of inner opioids impelling you to consume more and more porn and have less and less real sex. A poor purchase if you ask me.—MR

What has growing up watching porn done to my brain – and my sex life?

by Annie Lord, The Guardian US, February 12, 2022

As a young woman, I’ve been surrounded by porn my whole life. It’s shaped the way I see myself, in and out of the bedroom.

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