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There are almost eight billion people alive today. Plus trillions of other plants and animals. Together, we constitute only one percent of life on the planet, the rest of which are microbial. Together, we all are one system out of which subsystems of consciousness emerge. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. We’ll never be in control of anything, but an individual can learn to regulate its emotional reaction to what emerges out of “the system.” That’s how a counseling can help. Contentment is a state of mind.—MR

A Brief History Of “The System”

by Jackson Arn, 3Quarks Daily, October 19, 2020

Slurs have a way of mellowing into labels. History is full of Yankees and Cockneys, Methodists and Jesuits, Whigs and Tories, who steal a term of abuse and apply it to themselves as an act of sardonic revenge. Sometimes the tactic works too well, and people forget that the word was ever tainted. And sometimes the definition changes so many times people lose count, and the word is left to drag a muddle of meanings behind it.

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