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Turn it off to turn it on

It’s a fact, talking about sex with your partner can improve your sex life. Makes sense to know what turns each other on and off. But porn is another issue. Sexual activity triggers the reward chemical, an endogenous opioid, to make us feel good because our bodies want us to make babies. Porn hyperstimulates the brain triggering way too much reward. This means a person can get physically addicted so the normal amount of the reward chemical triggered by normal sex no longer does the trick. Real sex becomes uninteresting to the genitals with the ensuing disappointing results under the covers. Just say “no!” to the screen. Real, not virtual, sex is the best medicine.—MR

“When people can talk about sex, they flourish,” the rise of sexual wellness

by Linda Geddes, The Guardian US, April 23, 2023

Tina was 52 when her long-term relationship ended. She had experienced low libido throughout her perimenopause years, and her relationship had become “pretty much sexless by the end”, so reigniting her sex life felt like a daunting prospect. But rather than closing the book on her sexuality, Tina turned to a sexual wellness app called Dipsea, and began listening to erotic stories, as well as learning about different self-pleasure and communication techniques.

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