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Warning: biochemically addictive!

Social media should come with a warning label, “May be hazardous to your health.” There are two kinds of opioids, exogenous (outer) and endogenous (inner.) An inner opioid is triggered in your brain by a modern behavior that mimics a natural one. In this case, one that enhanced species survival back in caveman days. You get this reward, because we are social animals who survived better in social groups. The problem is the hit is bigger than normal, because you can socialize with more people than when our brains evolved and social media pros enhance the experience to suck you in. Your brain is overstimulated. Consequently, you actually may get addicted with the same consequences to your health. Tolerance is created causing you to use more and more just like any opioid. Real people become less interesting, social and family interaction sags because you don’t get a big enough hit. Some folks are biologically or emotionally more vulnerable to this kind of addiction than others, so try not using social media a day and see how it goes. If you find you can’t put it down easily, you’ve got a problem.—MR

I get better sleep: the people who quit social media

by Soo Youn, The Guardian US, February 10, 2021

The author is considering giving up the apps. She speaks to those who have already taken the plunge – with liberating results.

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