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What do you really need?

Yesterday, I spent an hour searching for a new (well, pre-owned) camel hair coat at online resale sites. Then, I reminded myself I already own two. I asked myself, Morgan, what do you really need? The answers I wrote down were: calling a friend, exercising, reading a good book, writing a poem to help with emotional processing. Lookin over my list, I decided to do qi gong with an online teacher for 20 minutes allowing the craving for a coat to subside. How about you? What do you really need?—MR

I thought buying things would make me feel better. It didn’t: The rise of emotional spending

By Sirin Kale, The Guardian US, February 9, 2021

Many of us are living for the buzz of the doorbell – spending billions we can’t afford on stuff we don’t need. Here is how to recognize the problem and regain control.

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