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What’s in a name?

Names are important to ones sense of identity. When I think of myself, I think of Morgan Randall. But that was not always who I was. Randall was my dad’s last name which I kept instead of taking my husband’s when I married at age 37. I was a professional business writer and did not want to start over with name recognition. Clients hired PJ Randall. Why mess with success? When I became a mental health counselor at age 55, I changed my first name to Morgan. Would you hire a counselor called PJ or one named Morgan? But more importantly, by taking the name Morgan, I honored my mother’s Welsh family. All the men in her family bore the first name Morgan going back for hundreds of years. When I identified as Morgan, I felt more balanced, professional and connected to wonderful things I learned from Mom. No matter your gender, if you want to a new life, a name change can help as much on the inside world as the outside.–MR

What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married

A new biography of the painter Isabel Rawsthorne highlights how talented women have often missed out on the recognition they deserved.

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