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Masked marauder

Most folks believe if they feel psychotic, depressed or anxious, it’s a mental health issue, e.g. “I’m afraid to drive on the freeway.” In deed, that may be true. AND it may also be true that the bipolar disorder you are taking meds for may actually be the onset of a serious physical illness. I’ve had patients who were given psycho-pharmaceuticals when their issues were, in fact, undiagnosed multiple sclerosis and scleroderma. Another severely depressed patient was gluten intolerant. My own anxiety and depression turned out to be a horribly imbalanced small intestine that probiotic treatment cured! Keep an open mind and engage a healthcare professional who will consider the range of possibilities before settling on his or her first diagnosis. Now you know why I call my practice “Bodymind.”—MR

When Anxiety or Depression Masks a Medical Problem

By Jane E. Brody, New York Times,  June 

It’s perfectly normal for someone to feel anxious or depressed after receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness. But what if the reverse occurs and symptoms of anxiety or depression masquerade as an as-yet undiagnosed physical disorder?

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