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Why pick poison?

Pharmaceutical antidepressants have repeatedly been scientifically proven to generally not give patients what they hoped for over time. Here’s another study that proves other treatments with fewer side effects work just as well. I would suggest they work better, because over time a patient has learned how to deal with her emotions. The drugs do not correct chemical imbalance, they just repress emotion, so at the end of pharmaceutical treatment patients are not only addicted to a drug that contributes to dementia but are in the same or worse place they began emotionally.—MR

Antidepressants are not associated with improved quality of life in the long run…

Science Daily, April 20, 2022

Summary: Over time, using antidepressants is not associated with significantly better health-related quality of life, compared to people with depression who do not take the drugs, according to a new study.

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