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One of the more effective methods I’ve learned in my seventy years on earth to improve mental, emotional and physical health and interpersonal cooperativeness is a contemplative practice. Some call it “meditation,” “mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)” or “centering prayer” among many other names. I call it Sit4Health™ to point to the fact that there is no cultural or religious connotations to the practice I share.

This family of techniques involves sitting in silence, focusing attention and noticing the difference between the experience of consciousness and the content of consciousness. Imagine the difference between water (consciousness) in a glass and the grape Kool Aid (personality) stirred into it. If you look through the glass with grape Kool Aid, the world looks purple. If you look through the clear water, colors of the world are more true to reality. Being able to be objective helps us make smarter decisions and regulate our emotions. We think more clearly and relationships improve through our ability to communicate peacefully and effectively.

And while science isn’t sure why yet, it does know that meditators have stronger neurological structures in their brains and reduced levels of normal anxiety causing less damage to the immune system. Consequently, meditators have better physical health in general.

I’m not claiming to be some guru. Just a licensed mental health counselor with a personal practice who is happy to share this remarkably health-inducing and simple technique with others on the path to greater freedom and enjoyment of personal and interpersonal life.

Training in Sit4Health™ is an excellent way to increase organizational health and productivity and workplace quietude and cooperativeness. A 90-minute workshop can be a one time or a weekly event until group is comfortable to practice on its own. $250 per workshop for up to 20 students.

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