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Write for your life!

Natalie Goldberg, famous author and writing teacher, once said, “Keep writing. You are swimming across a deep blue lake with a soul of your own making.” Writing is certainly not for everyone but, for those inclined a life long habit of journaling, keeping a diary, blogging, writing poetry or prose or even emails to friends, it can be profoundly therapeutic. Writing helps connect the two hemispheres of the brain by metabolizing emotion, i.e. bringing your feelings into the light of day (right hemisphere) and dealing with them on paper through written expression (left hemisphere). Kind of like a therapy session with yourself, but you end up with a beautiful work of art—one called a poem and one called you!—MR

How writing saved my life – twice

by Chris Whitaker, The Guardian US Edition, December 11, 2020

I’ve always struggled with the concept of asking for help. To me it seems like acknowledging a failure, raising a hand and declaring myself inadequate. Mental health is in the news every day; in theory it’s never been more acceptable to talk about it, yet I still feel nervous as I write this. On the surface I am eternally positive. I’m someone who likes making people laugh. I joke around a lot. That’s the me I like people to see, and to remember. But I also have the ability to self-destruct in spectacular style.

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